This course is a one-day event that is presented by experienced Careers Advisers and relevant industry professionals.  The Conference commences at 8am with the Exhibitors Showcase and consists of a series of workshops throughout the day until 5pm.  At Conference delegates have the opportunity to communicate and interact with representatives from numerous educational organisations at the Exhibitors Showcase allowing them to further develop their knowledge and information of post-school opportunities they can educate their students about. As the day progresses, delegates may choose which workshops they would like to attend in each session

The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding relevant to the key aspects of a Careers Adviser’s role in High Schools.  It also provides an opportunity to interact with colleagues to share and develop their teaching and learning skills and resources.  The course contains information on:

  • Current courses, opportunities and entry requirements for a selection of tertiary educational institutions.
  • Industry specific career information.
  • How best to support our students in their study and career decision making for the modern workforce.
  • Comprehending the additional challenges of students such as Refugees and those on the Autism spectrum
  • Understanding how to futureproof students in their career choices.
  • Compliance with NESA requirements for Careers Advisers specific circumstances.
  • Resources available for Careers Advisers to facilitate assisting students with their school, work and transition skills.
  • Resources available for students to utilise in the Career and education decision making processes.

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