Are teachers obsolete?

The university of Sydney presents a new initiative called Outside the Square.

Think Festival of Dangerous Ideas meets Q&A. Held in the Old Rum Store in Chippendale, prickly contemporary issues are unpacked by academics and industry experts in front of a live audience who use their phones to comment and ask questions. It’s a hit: every session has sold out so far.

“Are teachers obsolete?”—is on Thursday, 12 October from 6 – 8.00 pm, and will focus on how the proliferation of social media and technology in students’ lives has changed classrooms irrevocably.

Our experts include:

  • Eddie Woo, of Wootube fame and Head Mathematics Teacher at Cherrybook Technology High School;
  • Donna Loughran, Principal at Doonside High School;
  • Matt Esterman, Teaching and Learning Integrator, Trinity Grammar;
  • Professor Michael Anderson, University of Sydney.

Please accept this invitation if the format and topic appeals to you.