Workshops will be held soon after the HSC trials – a crucial time for students to reflect on exam results whilst preparing for the HSC Exams. Help your students get into study mode, register your class!

The event brings together students with highly qualified Science teachers to prepare them for theHigher School Certificate Examinations. Depending on student demand, workshops will be held in Physics,Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Senior Science.

Experienced presenters, who have been involved in all stages of the HSC process, will deliver workshops providing students with hints and strategies to enable them to improve their HSC performance.

As a result of participating in this event, students will:

  • be more adept at interpreting and answering questions, and thus be better prepared for the HSCTrials and Examinations.
  • increase their understanding of the HSC marking process and procedures to improve their ability to present answers that meet typical markingguidelines and maximise marks.

The program has been developed so that each subject is a full day session. Students attend one subject on each day they attend. Substantial booklets will be provided in all subjects. The subject sessions will cover mandatory investigations, how to answer and unpack extended response questions and plan for band 6 answers

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