Australian law lives in the courts where legislation is interpreted on a daily basis. Legal Studies and Commerce teachers require a deep understanding of how courts work and how they affect the lives of offenders, victims and people in society, as well as strategies to incorporate what happens in the courts into their lessons.

Economics and Business Educators NSW, in association with the Rule of Law Institute of Australia (, is conducting a field trip for teachers based on experiential learning specifically designed for teachers of the NSW Education and Standards Authority (NESA) Legal Studies and Commerce syllabuses. The course will be facilitated by Jackie Charles, Education Coordinator, at Rule of Law Institute of Australia. Participants will deepen their understanding of the subject matter in the NESA Legal Studies and Commerce (“Law in Society” and “Law in Action” topics) syllabuses and teaching and learning strategies, learn from key legal personnel who will address teachers and answer questions, visit courts (Local, District and Supreme) and observe court cases, engaging in professional discussions about the cases and access a range of legal resources and learn how to use these with their students network with other Legal Studies and Commerce teachers.

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